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Lighthouse Park – Vancouver

Recently, on a trip for work to Vancouver, I took a trip down to Lighthouse Park. I had read about it in a book and wanted to go check it out. Its a 1/2 mile walk down the trail to the lighthouse, with very steep grade. There is a viewing area visitors are directed to that is from some rocks looking down at the light house. THe view is mediocre. While the lighthouse is very nice and very well kept the view from the observation point doesnt make for a great composition. While leaving I wondered down a bit further and found the lighthouse keepers house which provided a better and closer view of the lighthouse. I took this shot from their driveway. A complete view the lighthouse was doable, but because of the location the composition would include the keepers house and cars. as a result, I cropped this image at 3/4 height and got the thin line of clouds in the background. While I wasnt real happy with the limited access to the lighthouse, I do think this shot made for a good composition and final image.

Lighthouse Park - Vancouver

Lighthouse Park - Vancouver

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Digital Photo Pro Magazine – Content Finalist

Recently I entered a contest on Digital Photo Pro Magazines web site. I found out after weeks of voting that one of my three images was selected as a finalist and can be found here (my Image on their site) I would REALLY apprecaite it if everyone could go take a look, and vote for my image. 5 Stars is the best rating. While there, check out some of the other images. There is some really nice work on the site.

The qualifying image

For All The TreesThanks for looking


Power Windows

The Murray Hotel, in downtown Vancouver, BC. I was walking home from work and noticed this small space between the two segments of the buildings. The operable windows are large enough that if opened from each side they would hit each other. With only a meter of space between the two sides (hey… its a metric country… when in Rome) you can literally reach across and touch someones hand on the other side.

The other thing that was odd/fascinating was that the space between the windows is made up of metal flashing instead of the stucco or exterior concrete finish. This made it stand out quite a bit and give the building a rustic appearance. This was the side that had a building right next to it as the exact opposite side of the building is clad in brick. I just liked the textures and the tones as well as the shadows cast on the building from the trees behind me.

Power Windows - The Murray Hotel

Blaine WA – Photos of Birch Trees near Canada

I recently had a to take a trip to Vancouver. Along the way, near the border I spotted some Birch trees and stopped to take some pictures. This is one of the shots from that trip.

Birch on the Canadian Border

Birch on the Canadian Border