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Time with my son

This Christmas, my son got his first camera. He had expressed an interest sometime ago and I felt it was time to get him a more serious camera and see how he took to the art. He has done real well. Hes not afraid to experiment nor use the camera. He has had to learn how to use the camera, RAW files, Photoshop and more. Its been a ton to learn, but he is a natural. (I like to think that he gets it from his old man).

Today was the second time he and I had been out since getting the camera. While he does go take a few pictures on his own, he and I enjoy the time together to talk, answer questions and see the world around us from a more artistic perspective. On this outing we went to Mt. Rainier National Park near Crystal Mountain and took some deep forest shots. The shot below is one of mine from the outing. I have a thing for Birch trees and how they look in deep contrast. The detail of the bark along with their bright bark coloring make them really nice against the dark forest.

Shooting Mt. Rainier National Park with my son

Time with my son

I used to get picked on about my tree shots. Apparently I take a bunch of them. But, when you live in the Pacific Northwest its hard not to take a picture with trees in it.

As with all of my shots, I encourage you all to leave comments and or Feedback.



2 Close 4 Comfort

Taken in late 2009 from the balcony of my place in downtown Vancouver. To the left is a parking garage and car dealership. To the right a grass lot ready for something new to be built on it. The walls in between the two houses are actually finished and painted (how, I have no idea). These are the only 2 houses on the entire block. The houses themselves were built in the 1940’s as was many of the structures in this general part of town. The old Architecture of Vancouver is very interesting. The new Architecture ALL looks the same. Glass and concrete. These older structures offer more texture and personality.

Two homes in downtown Vancouver, BC

2 Close 4 Comfort

The intimacy of these two homes is what really caught my eye.


A new year’s self portrait

Like many photographers I HATE having my picture made. It is really a painful experience. On most occasions I will gladly volunteer to take the pictures if it means I don’t have to be in them. When I am in them I usually frown, make a face or look like someone just told me my dog died.

This, being a new year full of new challenges and opportunities I thought it best to do something a bit different and take a self portrait. I was REALLY impressed with the style of portraits used in the new Star Trek movie posters and wanted to mimic that style. So, with the help of my son, I set up a soft box, my D700 and my Nikkor 105mm lens to take this shot.

A self portrait and the very first image I have taken in 2010

Me... 2010

As can be expected, I did a B&W. I really don’t care for many color images and prefer my B&W work and as a result, my own likeness is devoid of color and just the way I like it. Rich blacks, to pure white with some texture. (thanks Ansel)

Comments and feedback are always appreciated. All my best to my friends and family in this new year. I hope everyone takes a moment to do something they normally don’t do or try something new this year. It was fun.