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The hills of California are a great place to shoot. Like a few of my others, this shot was taken on the way into Yosemite National Park. About 30 miles prior to the park entrance there are some rolling hills with trees and farmland as far as the eye can see. I was caught by the dramatic sky and this lone tree on a hill. This is one of my favorites from the trip

On the way to Yosemite National Park - 2010




On The way to Yosemite

This shot was taken on my trip from Seattle to Austin. The shot is on the side of the road on the way into Yosemite National park.

More Trees

More Trees


Ok.. so a few more trees

So after my most recent Model Shoot in Austin, I had a few friends ask me about more of my shots from the trip down from Seattle to Austin. This reminded me that I had an entire series from Yosemite National Park. So, in the vein of keeping my fans of “Trees” and landscape work happy, I decided I would upload a new one. (It helped that I came home for the long weekend so I could work on the images).

Inside Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park - April 2010


PUBLISHED – Digital Photo May/June Issue – Page 12

Yesterday ended on a high note… one that I wasn’t expecting. I just got back from Seattle and had all of my mail. Some of which included a new barrage of magazines I need to read. One such magazine was Digital Photo. The May/June issue had arrived. So, I started to flip through it and there it was…. my picture of Graham Harrell of Texas Tech on page 12. I got an entire page for my one image as well as a very nice write up.

Talk about making my day…. this was a great way to end it.

Digital Photo May/June 2010 Issue page 12

Graham Harrell of Texas Tech in 2008

Last year I was very fortunate to have been published 5 times. (3 books and two city newspapers). I had thought that this may be a dry year and the folks at Digital Photo Magazine ran this shot. Its a REAL privilege for me to be carried in this magazine. I read it cover to cover every issue and participate in their contests and forums. It was nice to get recognized and included in the magazine.

Thanks to everyone at Digital Photo Magazine !


PS – My original posting of this image and its write up can be found HERE

On my way to Austin

Finally, after almost 9 years its time to move back home to Texas. On my first trip down I decided to drive from Seattle to Austin. 4 long days of driving, but the reward was several nice places to stop and take pictures along the way. One such place was Yosemite National Park.

Being that Ansel Adams is one of my favorite photographers, I had to take a moment to go to his old stomping ground and see what I could see. The park in April was still full of snow. It was hard getting to everything I wanted to see because of the snow but I did manage to get several shots. This is the first one I have processed from that trip.

On my way to Austin via Yosemite