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New Mexico

A shot taken while on my move from Seattle to Texas.

New Mexico desert

Nothing like a cloudy day in the desert

And that’s all I have to say about that




Finally…. its about time I can get back to the work of making images. After a VERY LONG move from Seattle back home to Texas, I am finally able to get to work again. Its been a long time since I have added anything… even longer since I have taken anything new. This shot was one taken on drive #2 from Seattle to Texas. this is a grain elevator in Lubbock Texas. Generally these are built in a series. Usually the are made of concrete but these were made of steel. I liked the geometry of the steel plates, rivets and seams.

Steel Symetry

Steel Symetry

More to follow… I really need to find something new to shoot here in Texas. The mountains here are more like hills and the trees more like shrubs when compared to the Pacific Northwest, but its nice none the less. I just need to get used to shooting a different landscape and get more familiar with the area.