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Seems like forever…

Its been about a month since I have posted anything here at the FPT blog. It’s been longer since I have actually taken one of my cameras out of the bag and taken a picture. Since I am new to Austin, and don’t know my way around, knowing where to go to take pictures is hard. So, I asked several friends if they would be interested in going out as a group and doing a shoot. Eight of us got together this past Sunday and went to an abandoned Lime Kiln in Austin.

The structure was fascinating and very much overrun with vegetation, bugs and the like lending to its character. I was most drawn to a few of the Architectural details associated with the structure and that is the shot that I am placing here online.

Austin Lime Kiln

Austin Lime Kiln

In this shot is a door way into the Kiln itself. I liked the texture, the brick work and the contrast of the structure and think its well represented here. My son went with me and had a blast. It was REALLY nice getting out with some creative people, talking pictures and walking around discovering things. If we aren’t careful it will become a club as we were already discussing a Flicker Gallery and the next shoot.

Now that I think about it. This is my first shot taken in Austin (Shy of a few models) that I have taken. It’s really been weird not taking more pictures and 2010 has been a OFF year for me in terms of outings. When I started shooting  again back in 2007, I had pictures every week for that year. In 2008, I went out 42 times. This year, I have been out 11 times… ALL YEAR. Its no wonder I had a good time.

Simply put… I need to get out more with my camera.