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Friends and Photowalks

February 14, 2011 2 comments

Knowing I haven’t taken a great deal of pictures in the last year (largely do to my real job) a friend of mine encouraged me to get out more. In fact he said he was going to make it a personal mission to make sure I got out more to shoot. So, this weekend we went into downtown Austin to take some pictures. While we weren’t organized with the “where or what,” we managed to have a good time and get some good shots. There are a ton of very old homes and structures in dowtown Austin. Some we were looking at went back to the 1840’s. In fact this first shot is of a house built in 1846. This is a side window. Oddly, it was the only window for about 40 feet of brick wall. Even more interesting, this was literally the only place in the wall that had a crack. I was drawn to this small architectural detail because it was odd, the texture of the brick was great as was the detail in the wood and leaded glass.

Ancient Portal

Ancient Portal

I took several on the outing but this was my favorite. Because of my Architectural background I enjoy the details of these historic structures. I may add one of a 1960’s power station once I get done doing my conversion. But, for now I am taking pictures and enjoying the mild Texas winter.