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A new year’s self portrait

Like many photographers I HATE having my picture made. It is really a painful experience. On most occasions I will gladly volunteer to take the pictures if it means I don’t have to be in them. When I am in them I usually frown, make a face or look like someone just told me my dog died.

This, being a new year full of new challenges and opportunities I thought it best to do something a bit different and take a self portrait. I was REALLY impressed with the style of portraits used in the new Star Trek movie posters and wanted to mimic that style. So, with the help of my son, I set up a soft box, my D700 and my Nikkor 105mm lens to take this shot.

A self portrait and the very first image I have taken in 2010

Me... 2010

As can be expected, I did a B&W. I really don’t care for many color images and prefer my B&W work and as a result, my own likeness is devoid of color and just the way I like it. Rich blacks, to pure white with some texture. (thanks Ansel)

Comments and feedback are always appreciated. All my best to my friends and family in this new year. I hope everyone takes a moment to do something they normally don’t do or try something new this year. It was fun.



Dog Day Afternoon – Puppy Photography

I spent a large part of today going back over old images I took in 2007 but never got around to processing. This is one of those shots. Jax, as a puppy getting some time on the bed to relax and marvel at my camera.

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon