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A Copyright is most often infringed simply because it is misunderstood. Therefore, I have added this page to my site to help you, the visitor understand why I have copyrights and how I utilize them. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to review my copyright policy and invite you to contact me or anyone at Faces, Places and Things with any questions that you might have.

Copyright is a property right. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 (effective January 1, 1978 and amended when the USA joined the Berne Convention in 1989), photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation.

This site was designed and created by Faces, Places and Things; LLC All Images and content are © David Bowden – Faces, Places and Things; LLC. It is illegal to scan, copy, or reproduce in any way a professional copyrighted image. All reasonable requests will be considered, please discuss your needs with us.

WARNING: We vigorously protect our copyrights; all images are REGISTERED with the US Copyright Office. In the event that an infringement is discovered, the infringer will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard of TRIPLE FEE for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in United States Federal Court where you may be subject to paying Statutory Damages in the amount of $150,000 as well as court costs and attorney’s fees.

Possession of a photo or electronic image does NOT constitute the right to scan, copy, reproduce in any way without expressed written consent of Faces, Places and Things; LLC. We sell stock photos for a variety of uses as well as limited license use on most of our images. Our prices and licensing of our images varies based upon each individual situation. If you are interested in purchasing a image license please contact us directly by clicking here:

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