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Walk on the WeIrD side

Tonight a friend of mine and I went into Downtown Austin to try and shoot a panoramic of the skyline. (Yes, Austin has a skyline… kinda). We looked for over an hour for a place to shoot and couldn’t get the right location. As we were about to give up we decided that since we were there, we may as well shoot down the famous Congress Street bridge. This is the bridge that the bats live under. The problem with this angle is that the capital of Texas is at the end of congress lit like a Christmas tree. With long exposures on a bridge, with a bright capital building meant the scene in the middle would be bright to say the least.

Despite all of these issues and concerns we went ahead and shot the panoramic. Naturally, once we were done we decided on where a much better shot would be made. So, both of us decide we would go back and give this another go from a better location. Until then, this is what I got. Not quite as dramatic as my Seattle Panoramic (17″ tall and 6′-00″ long) but its not a terrible image either.

Austin, Texas as seen from the Congress Street Bridge
   Austin, Texas as seen from the Congress Street Bridge

We managed to have a good time despite having to run around looking for a good spot and the harsh light. Its always good to get out and shoot even when you don’t get exactly what you were after. Next time we know exactly where to go.