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Johnson City

As mentioned in my post from earlier today, I am still on the hunt for new subject matter to shoot. This shot is as scenic as I can find within 90 miles of my house (so far). This shot was taken in Johnson City, on the ranch that President Johnson grew up on. Spot metered on the horse. this shot turned out better than expected. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and this shot was taken at about 4:30 pm. So, it was bright and the sky is some what blown out. I never thought I would miss the clouds of Seattle, but I would give anything for some clouds in the sky to tone down the light and to break up the sky a bit. This shot works because of the tree. Had it not been in the foreground the framing of the image would be off and bland.

Johnson City, Texas

Johnson City, Texas

I did a black and white conversion of this image that turned out ok. It lacks a bit of contrast as there is little in the image to give off a pure white. The blacks are rich, but the lack of white makes the image looked washed. So, I think I will stick with the color image for now.



Little House on the….

This is a new addition online. I took this shot on my trip to Reno. This house is a 120 year old ranch in Northern WA (so the sign said). The textures are what drew me to the home. Another chance to shoot wide and get some really nice tones and texture. CLICK HERE to see a lager view of this image
Little house on the .....

Little house on the .....

Let me know what  you think. As always, comments are sincerely appreciated