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Every college has its traditions. My school is no exception. This is a statue of Will Rogers. His statue is in the center of the main entrance to Texas Tech. The Administration building is in the background. The Traditions is known as “Midnight Raiders,” and takes place on Thursday nights before every home football game. The Saddle Tramps (A spirit organization for the school) wraps the Will Rogers statue with crepe paper and Streamers. Along with the statue these are hung from the coaches’ tower, band tower, and light poles all over campus. After Will is wrapped, the Saddle Tramps circle the horse to sing the Fight Song, Matador Song, and pledge class songs.This shot was taken on a recent visit to the school (March 26, 2011). I was there to take my kids to see the school and to see the spring inter-squad football game. While there I took this shot, one that I never took while attending the school despite having a camera with me everywhere I went.

Tech Tradition

Tech Tradition

Even though it was just spring football game, it was nice to be on campus again, see the sights with the kids and capture a shot that I should have taken over 20 years ago.