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Details of West Texas

As many have noticed, I haven’t been shooting as much as I normally do and the vast landscape shots have all but disappeared. While I am a native Texan, I am missing (terribly I might add) the landscape of the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver. While I am a HUGE fan of the desert of West Texas, I am not a huge fan of the Austin landscape.  Here its largely flat,Plateau Live Oak and Hackberry Trees are the dominant species here though several sites claim there are over 100 different species in the area. Suffice to say, while an Oak is great for a lynch mob, they aren’t really great when compared to the majestic 120′ tall trees found in Washington.

As a result, I have tried to find other things to shoot. With my background in Architecture, I am always drawn to images and details of structures. Texas has a ton of old ranches and farms. This particular shot was taken in Johnson City, at a historical landmark where President Johnson grew up.  The ranch was in amazing shape without signs of over preservation. The wood, nails and paints that were used them are still in place. I really liked the way this site was tended to. It was authentic in every

Details of West Texas

Details of West Texas

aspect. This shot of a 40′ tall windmill was one of my favorite details. The texture of the blades is what caught my eye. I am still looking for a “theme” or set of things I can focus on to shoot. Its hard. nothing here really appeals to me artistically so I am searching for my “eye” again. Things just don’t jump out at me like they used to. I largely attribute this to not shooting as much as opposed to the local scenery. Either way I need to fix it…. soon